Real Milk Revolution

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The grassroots Real Milk movement was begun years ago, by Sally Fallon Morell in the US. Here in Canada, Michael Schmidt gave the movement an opportunity when he was acquitted. Last year, his Edmonton Declaration was a powerful call to arms to protect our small farms. It is time for us to do our part by getting the buzz up on social networks, donating to the Legal Fund, and just bringing attention to this movement in as many ways as we can.

Lets Get the Buzz about Real Milk Going!

There is revolution in the air, the time is now. Earlier this year Kombucha Kamp launched a New Year’s ReVolution, promoting buzz about kombucha, which I found very inspiring. She organized a few of us to post and tweet about kombucha. She had it very well planned out and timed, with an amazing selection of prizes as extra incentive. One of her slogans was: