farmer’s market vancouver

Second Place at the Pie Competition

Not half bad for my first time!

I called my pie ‘Star Kissed Strawberry’ and, as the name suggests, it was a baked strawberry pie. Most strawberry pies are fresh rather than baked so I thought it might be fun to make a pure baked strawberry pie.

To keep it interesting I infused a homemade strawberry jelly with star anise, rosewater, lemon peel before adding the fresh strawberries. This added a depth to the pie without taking away from the strawberriness. I also dusted the top crust with anise seed sugar to echo the star anise in the filling.

I’m not entirely sure how it tasted because I’ve never made this exact pie before and I couldn’t stay for the tasting. I had class. The contest was a berry pie contest through the farmer’s market. I’ll post a link to the recipe – they’ll be featuring it on the website.