Belly Button Rings and Qi

Passion NavelI had a strange experience the other day. I was in the shower and suddenly got a weird metallic feeling in my belly button. It seemed to originate from my navel piercing and shot upward towards my breastbone. It felt like the sound of a fingernail on a chalkboard and sent shock waves through my cells.

I pierced my belly button the end of the summer in 1994. My friend and I had been working at a boy scout camp in Lake Arrowhead as cooks for the summer. These were some spoiled boy scouts if you ask me — they had a heated pool, we cooked them 3 meals a day 6 days a week, and on Friday they had BBQ ribs. Anyway, whatever, it was hard but fun work and we were so glad to be done for the summer that we rushed into the nearest tattoo parlor and got our belly button’s pierced. We had been warned to eat beforehand, but didn’t heed the advice so my friend passed out when she leaped from the chair right after her piercing. I took my time getting out of the chair after that and was fine – but it took a while for my belly button to heal. I was at a point where I was going to give up, when it suddenly healed up and has given me no trouble for 14 years. Part of the reason it was strange to suddenly get this nerve grating metal feeling from it.



The Feng Shui Cookbook

Chinese philosophy holds that life force, or qi, comes from breath and food.

I recently came across a very special book called The Feng Shui Cookbook: Creating Health and Harmony in Your Kitchen by Elizabeth Miles. Although this book is small and easy to overlook it is a very different breed than the glossy-food-porn-coffee-table cookbooks that we see so much of these days. Elizabeth Miles has done an incredible job of condensing a layered and vast amount of information and experience into a very handy and practical guide to conscious cooking.

I have heard about Feng shui for years but never really looked too deep into it, so reading this cookbook has been very eye-opening for me, she gives a very good description:

Feng shui is the ecology of flow, the architecture of energy. Based on the idea that good fortune results when people live in balance with their environments and their inner natures, feng shui has been praised as an environmentally sound practice that emphasizes respecting rather than tampering with nature. Today, this ancient and intuitive idea is so forgotten as to seem revolutionary. -p4, 5


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Transmogrify Your Water

waterWe grew up on some of the best water in the world, it was definitely the tastiest. As a matter of fact, my sister stopped drinking water when she left PNG, she says nothing comes close to that sweet rain-water and its just too much of a let-down to drink any other! We lived in a village 6,000 feet high in Papua New Guinea. We had three huge water tanks behind our house that collected rain water. Every morning and evening each of us kids had to do 200 pumps, by hand, to get the water to the water tank on the roof of our house so that we could have running water indoors. We also had a solar panel to heat our water, since we didn’t have electricity.

Recently we watched the documentary Blue Gold: World Water Wars, which everyone must see. Water must remain a basic right. Affordable clean water is a common property of all humanity, animals and plants. Recently the information about bisphenol A and how it is leaching into water from the plastic bottles that have become all the rage has put the focus back on public water and the cleanliness of that supply. Around the world countries are taking fluoride out of their public water and it has also been found that high levels of pharmaceuticals — statins, birth control, antibiotics, prozac — you name it are in our drinking water.


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