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Smart Meters Come to BC

It is BC’s turn to have Smart Meters installed to measure the amounts of electricity we are using on an hour to hour basis. I only found out about this myself earlier this year when Leanne Gypsy, who wrote the post on Natural Motherhood, was telling me about it. Even then it didn’t really sink in. I always manage to somehow feel like these things aren’t going to effect me, that I am somehow gonna be immune. Well the reality of it kicked in when I noticed a post on the NoSmartMeters Facebook page, saying that apartment renters would have absolutely no say on this issue. Suddenly I started paying attention.

Just a couple months ago we went to great lengths to get our computers cabled again, and stop using a wireless network. Not only do we both feel lots better, but our information is more secure.

Click here to Vote and say you are concerned about Smart Meters. (The poll is about half way down the page.)