Fishing the Delaware

Ken and Pi

It was our friend’s birthday, he was just getting into fly-fishing and arranged for us to do a day float down the East Branch of the Delaware river, which is a great place to fly fish for brown trout.

We rented canoes from Al’s Sport Store, made sure we got some sandwiches and beers from a local deli, piled the dogs into the canoes and we were off. Or so we thought. Fortunately just before we reached the first covered bridge we remembered we had forgotten the cooler of beverages and one team quickly turned back to rescue it.

It was peaceful and quiet on the river, except when the frolicsome dog, Roxy could no longer resist the cool water and jumped in and began her favorite game of barking and tossing water into the air, while snapping at the falling droplets. The fish all fled and she was quickly dragged back into the canoe and forced to sit still.


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