Canadian Fracking Industry Behind Global Rise in Earthquakes

Tag Oil chief operating officer Drew Cadenhead, black hat, explains how a skimming pond prevents any groundwater from leaving the Cheal Production Station yesterday.

Last weekend at the farmer’s market I met a woman who was telling me all about the latest games the fracking industry here in BC is playing with agricultural land out in Chilliwack. This, of course got me curious about what other antics are going on with fracking. A quick search revealed this tale of woe and destruction (and pure foolishness I might add) that is connecting Canada and New Zealand. I just really can’t believe the plans for expanding fracking there. Everyone in NZ knows that the country is prone to earthquakes, in fact there was that terribly devastating one in Christchurch not so long ago. With the conclusive links between earthquakes and fracking why in the world would this be allowed into New Zealand? Or the West Coast of Canada either. Madness. Pure and simple. Please read the full article posted below, more and more evidence is connecting Canadian mining companies with terrible greed and destruction all over the world including right here in Canada.

Two separate studies are providing insights into the earth-shaking consequences of the controversial gas extraction process known as fracking.

Both studies confirm that processes linked to the extraction of oil and gas through hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, can trigger manmade earthquakes. –Fracking causes earthquakes, studies confirm