The Battle to Save the Polish Countryside

From the Winter edition of Wise Traditions the Journal of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Pig Business is a real money maker for industrial ag corporations. Please read the whole article here. Article is by Sir Julian Rose.

Poland is a country that is accustomed to fighting rearguard actions to free itself from unwelcome invaders. Throughout what is known as “the partitions,” an 18th and 19th century period of occupation by Russia, Prussia, and Austria, Poles kept in their hearts a longing for a day when they could be freed from the yoke of repression and find genuine independence. After finally succeeding, in 1918, to rid themselves of the unloved invaders, they were soon engulfed in conflict again—this time by invading Nazi Germany—and responded by courageously establishing the renowned 1939-45 resistance movement, which sprouted up in the fields, small towns and main cities, producing much heroic action. As many will know, Poles fought alongside the British throughout the Second World War—a time when Poland’s government in exile had its headquarters in London. I remember quite well, when I was a boy, a Polish exile who lived in our village (Whitchurchon- Thames) coming regularly to my family home and diligently cleaning the chimneys. He spoke little, but did a very thorough job.

Edible Oil Wars: Genetically Modified Oils

Edible Oil Wars: Genetically Modified Oils

After reading this recent horrific news about what the biotech industry is plotting for our supposed 'health' by manipulating vegetable oils even further, we realized we need more info about oil and fat and the economic battles that are being and have been fought over this most basic and vital nutri ...