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Kefir is one of the most amazing and powerful addition to my health that I have so far experienced. I stopped taking it for about 6 months or so when I was travelling a lot, I soon started getting every flu and cold that anyone had. When I started drinking kefir again this quickly reversed. Kefir is easy to make, easier than yogurt as there is no need to heat the milk. More information on the amazing health benefits of kefir here.

Carmelized Kanboshi Daikon from Hida Kamioka

Carmelized Kanboshi Daikon from Hida Kamioka

Reposted from description on youtube: Kanboshi(Drying the coldest) Daikon (White Radish) is made in Hida Kamioka (The next town of Takayama) the Yamonomura area as a preserved food for winter. Peeled, sliced radishes are boiled and then hung out under the eaves for about a month to expose the ...