Micro-organisms Against Big Dairy

Last night I had an amazing dream. It was about the current war between the small scale farming and the huge factory farm industry. In the dream it was clearly a war, with all the blood and gore, intrigue and propaganda we associate with Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. I don’t think the dream really had a conclusion, but it pulled together much of what is going on with the fight for food rights these days. The conclusion to this war depends on us.

As many of you know, from my enraged tweets and posts over the last couple weeks, the province of British Columbia is currently trying to shut down our local cowshare. The Canadian champion of local raw milk, Michael Schmidt has stepped in and we had a town hall meeting a week ago, where I finally got to meet some of my cowshare family. One of my new family members made a comment on facebook that really hit home for me. It went something like this:

“We may be the last generation who has the ability to make a choice about our food freedoms.”


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Medicine Rattles and Our Future

The healing journey may begin with ourselves, but unless it extends outwards towards our homes, our communities, our ecosystem, and our biosphere any healing we achieve can not last….–Harvest McCampbell

I can’t remember exactly how it was I came across Harvest McCampbell’s inspiring book (which is also a very helpful resource) Food Security & Sustainability: For The Times Ahead, but I am sure glad I did, became her friend on facebook, and had the opportunity to meet her last year. Her extensive knowledge of all kinds of plants and their medicinal abilities for healing both humankind and the earth, and her open nature have really given me a lot of hope and inspiration over the past couple years. Whenever I have a question about soil, compost, healing and even history she is available. I personally don’t know how she does it, as I know she has a large following on facebook, and that she manages to keep up with all of us!



Revisiting Women Who Run With the Wolves

Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD

Medicinal Stories that Nourish the Soul

A culture that requires harm to one’s soul in order to follow the culture’s proscriptions is a very sick culture indeed. This culture can be the one a women lives in, but more damning yet, it can be the one she carries around and complies with within her own mind. -P189


Women Who Run with the Wolves is a very powerful book that I have found very helpful at crossroads in my life when I had to look deep into myself and understand who I was. I know there is a huge community of women who have also been supported by these ancient stories and the poetic way that Clarissa Pinkola Estes brings them to us. I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to post your favorite quote(s) and what they mean to you (or not) in the comments section.

I have been a South Park fan since episode one, but I will confess, they hit my button in the episode which mentioned Women Who Run with the Wolves. It is time my secret came to light–I get annoyed just thinking of Cartman badmouthing this sacred book, on the other hand, I also take this as a good sign–South Park is doing what it does best, pointing out where we take ourselves too seriously. If you have seen this episode, don’t let it deter you, this book is worth more than gold…