Dr. Thomas Cowen

GAPS Diet and Cancer

The following is an article written by Thomas Cowan, MD. It is a long article, the whole thing can be read here. It goes through various methods that Dr. Cowan uses to treat cancer, one of these being the GAPS diet. This is a really interesting article and really turns what we have been taught about grains and nutrition on its head.

I have heard the GAPS diet called the mother of all diets and various other things. In my experience (we have been on the GAPS diet for a year now and it has turned our lives around) the GAPS diet is a huge challenge as you have to not only go through a period of detoxing which can be a real agony (absolutely worth it), but you have to learn how to cook in a completely different way than we know in our modern world. We eat no industrial processed foods so I spend a lot of time cooking, much of our food is fermented so we have to be aware of the cycles of these friendly micro-organisms.