Local/Global – Start With Your Cells

Spring is a period of transition and this spring has been especially full of changes in my neck of the woods. I attribute it mainly to craniosacral therapy and the GAPS diet which we have been on for over a year now. The past couple weeks we ran out of probiotics (we take biokult twice a day) and haven’t been as strict with the diet. We also tried adding in more beans–navy beans and roasted chickpeas, lentils and other fried Indian snacks. The first beans you can add back into the diet are lentils and navy beans. Chickpeas are one of the last beans, they are the hardest to digest, which we found to be absolutely true. I haven’t done so well with the navy beans either. We do much better with lentils, and many Indian stores sell salted fried lentils which we do fine with unless we get one with MSG in it. The past couple days we have been eating dessicated coconut, as I found a delicious grain-free granola recipe, but it is rather rough for our sensitive intestinal epithelial cells. We have had some ups and downs lately, but it helps when you know what to attribute it to.