Kombucha Challenge 2012

I’ve had kombucha on the brain for a while now, but things have been so nutty I haven’t been able to keep up with posting lately at all, please forgive me. I have had a rather kombucha-filled Christmas and the New Year looks to be full of kombucha cheer as well with Kombucha Kamp’s annual Kombucha ReVolution and a 30 day Kombucha Challenge to add to the fun (more about that later).

As many of you know, I adopt out free SCOBYs to whoever catches me at the right moment. I’ve met some really cool people this way. People usually have something cool to offer in exchange. A bunch of flowers, fresh picked herbs from a backyard garden, a donation or article for my website, words of cheer and appreciation for the SCOBY and much more…. Once again I currently have a huge backlog of people asking for SCOBYs, which I hope to get to in the New Year! For anyone who is eager to get started, I have met many people who have started off their kombucha culture with a bottle of organic raw kombucha such as Tonica Kombucha, it just takes a little longer if anyone is reading this who can’t wait a minute longer to get their batch started. Probably better to do that in the summer time though–or keep it near a heater.