HealThy Mouth World Summit

Upcoming FREE online Event

HealThy Mouth World Summit
January 13 – 20, 2013

Helping you navigate
to greater oral health

Have you have come across the news about our upcoming FREE online event, the HealThy Mouth World Summit? We went on a quest to interview the world’s leading experts on solutions each of us can apply to navigate to greater oral health. The result is the HealThy Mouth World Summit, 21 expert presentations offering solutions to assist each of us in creating positive changes in our oral health, addressing questions like:

  • How can I Raise Cavity Free Kids?
  • What are my alternative/ healthy options if I have ‘silver’ fillings, root canals, crowns, implants or other challenging dental procedures?
  • The mouth/body connection, relationships between oral health and heart disease, cancer, diabetes and arthritis, MS and many others!
  • What is the proper protocol to remove amalgam fillings?
  • What’s the truth about mercury and fluoride? and.. How can I safely detox mercury from my body?
  • What are the questions I can ask a dentist to determine if they are educated and aware of how dentistry can support greater whole being health?
  • And so many more empowering questions