Egypt – All Lines are Nines

I did an I Ching reading recently, and to my surprise I got Ch’ien (The Creative) in which all lines are solid. Solid lines are either numbered 7 (Young Yang) or 9 (Old Yang). (See how to count yarrow stalks). When I read the special section about what it means when all lines are nines–it made me think of Egypt.

I keep thinking that perhaps the Egyptian people are going to show us a new way to organize ourselves, it seems they don’t need or want one single figure-head anymore. In fact, they are already teaching us all a lesson and are probably on the brink of figuring out a new type of organizing mechanism for running our world. I sure hope so! This is from the I Ching when all lines are nines:

The Heart of Maizeland

The Heart of Maizeland

Article published in the Far West Almanac May 2008. Inspired by the book SELU: Seeking the Corn-Mother's Wisdom by Marilou Awiakta Ginitsi Selu (Grandmother Corn) Harmony, Respect, Community, Healing Lately when I find myself thinking about roots, it isn't long until I start thinking ...