HD 106 – Homemade Yogurt

Demonstrating how easy it is to make healthy, live-cultured yogurt from fresh raw goat’s milk. This slow heat method ensures as many enzymes as possible will be available for digestive health.

Also shows three methods of incubation. The towel method has the best track record, and the cooler is a real pain. For maximum probiotic development in your homemade yogurt, keep it incubating for at least 24 hours. Check out this cool handmade straw Yogurt Incubator–make your own or let me know if you’d like to order one.

Check out this video on how to make cream cheese and whey from homemade yogurt.

The cute goats who provided the fresh milk live at M and S Farm, Catskills, NY.

Recipe: How to Make Yogurt
Goat Milk: