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The Nuclear Industry, X Rays and Breast Cancer

The following excerpts are from the book from Killing our Own:
Chronicling the Disaster of America’s Experience with Atomic Radiation, 1945-1982
by Harvey Wasserman and Norman Solomon about the Three Mile Island incident in particular and the cover ups by the nuclear industry. The book was published in 1982 so there is a lot of information not included but it is interesting to learn just how much was known at the time, as well as detailed accounts of the history involved. The whole book is online and I recommend reading it. The following is pulled from the chapter The Use and Misuse of Medical X Rays, I have just pulled out the parts that particularly struck me, in particular in relation to breast cancer and female health. Females are more sensitive to low frequency EMFs in general and our breast tissue is particularly vulnerable. I have left in the reference numbers but you will have to refer to the online book to find the source.

The Use and Misuse of Medical X Rays