2012: Turn Your Back on The Cities of Death

Bone Fragment unearthed at former Anglican Indian school in Brantford, Ontario

If you live in BC you must know about the residential schools that committed such terrible atrocities on young indigenous children. At the end of last year bone fragments were discovered at former Anglican Indian school in Brantford, Ontario and are of a 5 year old child:

Canada and its churches tried for decades to bury and forget the bone, and the other remains of the 50,000 and more children who died in their residential “schools”. And when these innocents’ deaths could no longer be denied, the same guilty parties distracted us from their foul deed with “reconciliation” babble and a whitewashing “truth and reconciliation commission” that has not once turned over the soil at a residential school grave. -Kevin Arnett

Selling the Land in BC

Selling the Land in BC

I discovered this really well written letter by Corky Evans on the site I will repost some of it here, to read the whole letter please go to and click on the button that says "Be Subversive". What Corky Evans speaks of as happening in Canada has and is ha ...