C.S. Lewis on Monsanto

"Isn't it absolutely essential to keep a fierce left and a fierce right both on their toes and each terrified of the other? That's how we get things done. Of course we're non-political. The real power always is."


The Failing Food System

Nowadays the whole food system - from production to processing and distribution - is mainly controlled by transnational corporations. Since 2007 these companies such as Monsanto, DuPont, Bayer, Cargill, Sinochem, Nestlé (to name just a few) have seen increases in their profits.


Should We Trust Industrial Dairies?

A simple google search of industrial dairies around the world reveals all sorts of dairy industry abuses, some of the main ones being uncontrolled growth and monopoly, disrespect for animals, consumers and traditional farmers, unstable price fluctuations, disease, disgusting environmental conditions, unrealistic government subsidization, overproduction...

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What’s So Great about Gates?

This article was recently pointed out to me by a friend who knows of my distaste for the Gates Foundation and all of the “good work” they are doing. I once looked through a long list of all the projects they were funding in ‘developing’ countries and was quite disturbed. One example of something they funded which I think is entirely redundant was mosquito nets drenched in mosquito repellent. I feel very concerned for the kids sleeping in these pesticide tents every night. In some ways giving out these ‘gifts’ of mosquito nets is rather like the gift of small-pox blankets given to the native Americans so many years ago. This article shows other ways in which the Gates Foundation is working with some very money hungry corporations.

You can read the full article here: Market-led Development Aid for Africa. Good For Business, Bad for Farmers. by Richard Jonasse. July 13, 2010.

The mixture of quasi-religious faith in free markets, and their conflation with democracy, perfectly encapsulates current US (World Bank, IMF, USAID …) development philosophy. USAID no longer provides aid through local governments as it did during the Cold War era. In the post-1980 neoliberal era, its primary activity has been farming out aid via contracts to private corporations.



Selling the Land in BC

Pitt Meadows Blueberry FieldsI discovered this really well written letter by Corky Evans on the site EdibleLandscapes.ca. I will repost some of it here, to read the whole letter please go to www.ediblelandscapes.ca and click on the button that says “Be Subversive”. What Corky Evans speaks of as happening in Canada has and is happening all over the world. As we all know, governments are selling off earth and nature as plunder, corporations have the control, in this letter he makes very good points as to how we all need to come together to get rid of these greedy systems. The left and right are on the same side in this one….

The Campbell Government has taken away the right!
Subject: Letter from Corky Evans

The Big Lie

The following letter was written by Corky on November 4, 2007.

Dear Friends:
Back a few years, before the election of 2005, I was working in the town of Nakusp. Walking down the street one day, I ran into a guy I used to know who has served many years as a Social Credit Cabinet Minister.

It was winter and, in winter in Nakusp, pretty much everyone you meet on the street is someone who lives there. The unlikely meeting of two historical political combatants on the streets of a little town on the Arrow Lakes made for a sense that we were on neutral turf. We struck up a conversation more personal than public. He asked me if I would run for office again and then, surprisingly, he almost begged me to re-enter politics. I knew this fellow by virtue of our mutual years as enemies, so I asked him why he cared.