Open Letter to Global Cowshare Community

Hella Delicious is extending the use of this website to cowshare and food co-op members all over the world to be used as a community resource. The avatar hellaD was created in 2007 as a global representative for pure and unadulterated foods–including milk–and to support diverse traditional food-oriented cultures around the world. As such hellaD lives all over the world because she/he is a conglomeration of hundreds of people.

hellaD is an umbrella avatar for people who can’t use their real names without fear of loosing access to true and pure raw milk and for people who fear for their safety. Hella Delicious is place to speak your truth without fear of reprisals. It is very important to get our message to the wider public who are currently being brainwashed by anti-raw-milk propaganda that is constantly forced on them.

Join the Team

Join the Team

The Hella Delicious Food Culture is currently looking for a few versatile, dedicated interns to help spread the word about the importance of honoring traditional foodways. Internships with Hella Delicious are rewarding, educational, inclusive, healing and fun. Everything we work on aims to make t ...