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Vancouver’s Open Money Community

This article is reposted with permission from Jordan Bober who is spearheading getting Vancouver’s own community currency going! The Dunbar Dollar is the first step in this project. Another fun idea for a way to show your support for the #Occupy Vancouver movement is to posted here.

The Dunbar Dollar

Yes, it is time once again to pick up the effort to implement our first community currency in Dunbar! I have been preparing for these renewed efforts by experimenting with new, more effective ways to communicate what community currency is and how it works, and you can already see some of fruits of these labours on, with more to come soon. The recent additions to the website include:

Kinder Currency

Kinder Currency

In February we spent the month buzzing about Real Food to support our local communities. We had great success with that, and so now, although I will never stop buzzing about Real Food, it is time to focus on another topic. I just finished watching a very informative interview with Woody Tasch talkin ...