Eating Is Alchemy

This amazing article by Liz Blake, guest writer for Wake Up World lays out in 11 points just how different the idea and act of eating is in a world full of respect, companionship, symbiosis, transmogrification, love, sharing and co-creation. What a contrast this world is to the one of manipulations and profit-based calculations of Big Agriculture on how to feed us for less with food that is ‘Generally Recognised as Safe’ instead of true and natural foods. NO wonder it is so impossible for the two worlds to be able to communicate, much less understand each other. One is living, changeable and vibrant, the other is restricted, dead and toxic.

The Alchemy of Food

At the heart of Alchemy is the dynamic relationship between psyche and matter. We access our transformational potential, both for the individual and the collective, by cultivating an alchemical relationship with our food. By eating intentionally, we generate the abilities to co-create ourselves and our world.

1 .:. Eating is an ACT OF CREATION.

You are, quite literally, what you eat. Eating the fruits of the earth is a beautiful becoming, an elevation of matter, as they integrate into your conscious being. The fruit is conscious itself. Molecules of the earth’s creation are re-organized and integrated into your physical and subtle energetic bodies, directing and framing your conscious experience. Becoming aware of this molecular consciousness allows you to actively co-create with the molecules you are made of. They are gifts of the earth. Create yourself with love.