Superfood Camu Camu and Cherry Jello


This delicious desert is not only tantalizing to the tastebuds and has a luxurious mouth-feel, but it is also good for your body, in particular your brain and spine, immune and nervous system – a neuroendocrineimmune recipe which also stimulates oxytocin when it comes in the shape of a heart. A perfect treat for Valentines day. The nutrient dense foods also are good for your adrenals and gonads to help with potency for sensual stamina and overall good lovin’!

Green Smoothies Are a Danger to your Health

Green Smoothies Are a Danger to your Health

I just want to recommend the Townsend Letter to anyone who is interested in cutting edge health information. This article published in Jan 2015 is very timely. I have a lot of friends who have succumbed to this health fad, so it is really good to have a clear picture laid out for us as to exactly ho ...