Chocolate-Coconut Comfort Tea

I got my delivery of Cocos-Pure over the weekend and was feeling like a cup of something sweet and comforting. The Chocolate Mint Rooibos Tega tea is my favorite after-dinner tea, the idea of combining two of my favorite BC based beverages seemed inspired. Some of you may agree — plus it is simple.

Bring a can of Cocos-Pure coconut water to a boil. Pour over a bag of Chocolate Mint tea. Add cream if desired. Sip gently while enjoying a good sunset. Everything will feel better 🙂

Coconut Water Kefir Tips and Benefits

Coconut Water Kefir Tips and Benefits

I have been experimenting with various ways to make coconut water kefir. My first step was to rehydrate some water kefir grains I had been given by a local fermentation fan last year and get them bubbling. I had previously made coconut kefir with dairy kefir grains which also works quite nicely, but ...