Chymical Wedding

The Power of Shaking and Quaking

One of my favorite books is The Chymical Wedding by Lindsay Clarke. I read it twice when in New Zealand staying at this very remote bach on a secret beach. Since today is one of 2011’s lunar eclipses I wanted to share this excerpt today. I have been thinking about this particular section quite a bit lately, in regards to various things…the state of the world and humanities seeming inability to contain violence, finding my own voice through this website as well as through the powerful healing forces that are tapped into with craniosacral therapy, which I will talk about more later.

It also makes me think of the straight and narrow road of Pilgrim’s Progress, or the curved path of Cambodian mythology. Holding the balance between opposing forces in our own bodies is a very delicate balancing act and alchemists of a nearly forgotten time tempered their bodies and spirits to withstand the pressure.