Beware. The Green Man is Back

With the summer in full swing and my various gardens demanding attention, I’m having trouble keeping on top of blogging (!) We also recently had a huge family reunion for my Aunt and Uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary. I met lots of family I didn’t know and reintroduced myself to cousins last seen 20+ years ago in India. The event was really touching, the grandchildren performed a Bollywood-style dance routine in their honor, and a slide show of various highlights from their lives–children, healing and family fun–brought home the power of relationships and how the cycles of life–birth and death, illness and health–roll on and on, little affected by the stresses of our daily lives.

I also have a new job (!) … as social media manager of Body Intelligence, the craniosacral therapy school that I trained with in NZ. I’ve been finding interesting articles about the body, the mind, slime mold and embryology…in these travels I found this post about the Green Man, which, since I am thinking of the cycles of generations, of death and rebirth, seems an appropriate symbol to summon.

Local/Global – Start With Your Cells

Local/Global – Start With Your Cells

Spring is a period of transition and this spring has been especially full of changes in my neck of the woods. I attribute it mainly to craniosacral therapy and the GAPS diet which we have been on for over a year now. The past couple weeks we ran out of probiotics (we take biokult twice a day) and ha ...