Join the Fight to Save Chinatown

Around 64% of Chinatown residents are low-income; there are around 1,000 people in close to that many rooms. This community is vulnerable to the ripple effects of gentrification, especially considering that many of them are seniors.


Welcoming the Year of the Tiger

There was so much going on for Valentines Day this year that I didn’t have time to think about chocolates and roses. Instead, I was thinking about joining in the celebrations to welcome in the Year of the Tiger and eager to get to Chinatown before the whole show was over since rumors said the festivities would be closed down early due to the Olympics. In fact, our bus couldn’t get through downtown, as soon as we realised this we headed for the nearest skytrain station and squeezed ourselves in among the throngs of people and headed for the Chinatown/Stadium stop.