Grandma’s New Year Adventures in China 1937

During Chinese New Year, people pay respect to their ancestors. In keeping with this tradition I am sharing a message from my own ancestor, about her experiences while doing Christian missionary work in China in 1937. As far as I can tell her trip was from Swatow (Shantou) to perhaps Hangpu is 'Hopo'.


The Global Honey Laundering Ring

As crime sagas go, a scheme rigged by a sophisticated cartel of global traders has all the right blockbuster elements: clandestine movements of illegal substances through a network of co-operatives in Asia, a German conglomerate, jet-setting executives, doctored laboratory reports, high-profile takedowns and fearful turncoats.


Backyard Edibles 2008 I

The micro-farms of Vancouver BC are absolutely incredible. After traveling all over the world and being an avid walker I have seen urban backyards from New Zealand to Cambodia, New York to Papua New Guinea and can say that Vancouver BC takes the prize hands down, no questions asked. OK, I have never seen the gardens in Italy or China…

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