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Rev Kevin Annett Interview: Trauma for control and Repression

This is a very revealing interview with Rev Kevin Annett leading up to the historical class action filed July 4, 2012 in the Federal Court of Canada against the Vatican, Elizabeth Windsor (the UK Queen), Big Pharma, the Prime Minister of Canada and others for conspiracy against First Nations peoples in Canada. More info here:

Rev Annett discusses the history of repression of church, the missing and murdered women of Canada and snuff films, the history of trauma for people all over the world and in particular the genocide in Canada with the church residential schools, government and police all neck deep in cover-up evil-doing. And yes the Queen of England and the Pope are at the top of the list as they should be. It is worth it to watch the whole interview.

Kevin Annett on The Republic of Kanata

Kevin Annett on The Republic of Kanata

More information: Hidden From History "If your government, or any institution that you are involved with is involved in criminal acts you have an obligation NOT to pay them taxes." -Kevin Arnett I went to a Christian missionary boarding school for high school. My elder sister was there for ...