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Hyperactivity and Wi-Fi in Schools

I recently discovered this comprehensive article on the damage wireless networks do to humans and children in particular while checking out this website about a city in New Zealand (Nelson) and their struggle to ban a celltower that Telecom wanted to install right next to a school. They may have had some success in not getting it installed right next to the school. Instead Telecom has decided to punish the citizens of the town for their complaints by installing it in the middle of a residential district. Here in BC this issue is being relatively ignored. We have a building covered in cell antennas just across the street from our house. A couple blocks away from this building is a school. A couple months ago I borrowed a gauss meter from BC Hydro and took it for a walk. I discovered high levels of EMFs coming from all of the homes in the alley directly perpendicular to the building with all the cell antenna and got incredibly high readings. I was wondering why until I heard an interview with Sam Milham, MD, MPH (Pioneer in studying electromagnetic factors in health and author of “Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization.”) posted on www.electromagnetichealth.org where he explains how this happens.