Boycott GMOs

This is a practical post outlining several things you can do to stop supporting Monsanto and their cronies who have foisted genetically modified organisms on us. I though it was a helpful post–it gives a good list of numbers to call. Thanks to Myra Said It–please read the full article there.

There is power in the dollar & power in numbers!

How many of these things can you do?

  1. Buy only organic foods for a week.
  2. Call or Fax the ‘Frankenfood Fifteen.’
    Tell them to remove GMO ingredients, including rBGH, from their brand products or you won’t buy them anymore.

    Starbucks 800-235-2883 or 206-447-3432
    Kraft / Nabisco 800-543-5335 or 847-646-2922
    Shaws 888-431-7429 or 508-313-3111
    Kellogg’s 800-962-1413 or 616-961-2871
    Frito-Lay 800-352-4477 or 972-334-5071
    Campbell Soup 800-257-8443 or 856-342-3878
    Quaker Oats 800-367-6287
    Nestle 800-225-2270 or 818-549-6952
    Safeway 877-723-3929 or 925-467-2005
    Heinz Foods 888-472-8437 or 412-456-6128
    Procter & Gamble 800-331-3774
    McDonald’s 630-623-6198 or 630-623-6942
    Coca-Cola 800-438-2653 or 770-989-3640
    General Mills 800-328-1144 or 612-764-8330
    Hershey’s 800-468-1714 or 888-431-7429