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Bitten By the Earth

A Journey to Become a Craniosacral Therapist

Originally published in Healthy Options Magazine, New Zealand


Riding my bike in a desperate dash to get to the ferry after a long day of cooking on Waihike Island, I felt extremely lucky there was a taxi behind me. For once I could actually see down the unpaved driveway. Unfortunately my speed was too wild and as I rounded the curve the gravel skidded out from beneath me. Flying over the handlebars I was superman for a fraction of a second. Then I slammed into the ground. The taxi stopped. One of the other staff leaped out. Knowing I needed to get to the ferry to get home for the night, she helped me into the taxi and we sped off, arriving at the pier just in time for me to hobble aboard. Slumping into the first seat I came to I sat in shock for the ride home. I felt the earth had jumped up and bit me. I had been feeling stuck in my life for quite some time — everything I tried to do to develop myself, to move into a new reality never seemed to go anywhere. I always found myself back in the same place, thinking the same thoughts, doing the same things. Something had to give. It was time for me to do something completely different.