black salt


NaCl — Sodium Chloride: a white, crystalline substance with a characteristic taste.

  • That which purifies, preserves, or corrects
  • That which gives a tang or piquancy to anything
  • Sharp, pungent humor or wit
  • A veteran sailor; ‘an old salt’
  • Taste, relish, smack
  • To give artificial value to; specifically a) to alter books, prices etc b) to scatter minerals or ores in a mine to deceive perspective buyers etc.
  • To give salt water to drink: a way of initiating formerly existing in English universities
  • Covenant of salt: a covenant or compact entered into at a sacrificial ceremony in which salt was used as a necessary element
  • Not worth one’s salt; not worth one’s wages, sustenance etc.
  • Salt of the earth; any person or persons regarded as the finest noblest, etc
  • Salt of Venus; in old chemistry, copper sulfate
  • With a grain of salt (Latinized cum grano salis) with allowance or reserve; skeptically.