The Bio-Tensegrity Bounce

Since I am on the subject of connective tissue, I thought I better mention bio-tensegrity which is an important idea in the biodynamic mode of craniosacral therapy, and which is a concept I really like, plus I love the toys that have been made using this principal.

My sister, who is an emergency nurse, recently told me about an elderly gentleman they had show up in the emergency room during one of her shifts. I don’t remember exact details, but I will do my best. He was some kind of a marshal arts instructor and around 80 years old. Somehow he managed to fall out of a second story window onto the pavement below. He got up and was completely fine except for a burst ear-drum. No broken bones, in fact he had simply bounced. This seems like a great example of bio-tensegrity to me. I have pulled out some excerpts from Donald E. Ingber’s article The Architecture of Life below to give you a better idea of bio-tensegrity.

Local freedom and global cohesion

Local freedom and global cohesion

One of the websites I have followed ever since I started blogging is Dr. Mae-Wan Ho's, so I was very excited when I found an article by her in the appendix of the notes in our Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Training a late last year. The seminar was on whole body dynamics and we we ...