Micro-organisms Against Big Dairy

Last night I had an amazing dream. It was about the current war between the small scale farming and the huge factory farm industry. In the dream it was clearly a war, with all the blood and gore, intrigue and propaganda we associate with Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. I don’t think the dream really had a conclusion, but it pulled together much of what is going on with the fight for food rights these days. The conclusion to this war depends on us.

As many of you know, from my enraged tweets and posts over the last couple weeks, the province of British Columbia is currently trying to shut down our local cowshare. The Canadian champion of local raw milk, Michael Schmidt has stepped in and we had a town hall meeting a week ago, where I finally got to meet some of my cowshare family. One of my new family members made a comment on facebook that really hit home for me. It went something like this:

“We may be the last generation who has the ability to make a choice about our food freedoms.”


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