Intestinal Healing with the GAPS diet

Although we’ve been on the GAPS diet for a year an a half now and are so much more healthier than we have been in years, I just realised I haven’t posted a basic explanation of what the diet is, and what it is specifically used for. I recently discovered this article posted on Natural News written by Dr. David Jockers which gives a good summary of the various pillars of the diet: avoiding processed carbs, beefing up on probiotics and detoxifying the body. We have found a couple other things which have helped our healing process exponentially: biodynamic craniosacral therapy is incredibly helpful for healing the digestive tract and soothing the vagus nerve as well as releasing residual trauma, physical and/or emotional lodged in the body’s tissues. Chi gong is also a very powerful healing tool for cleansing and rebuilding the body. There are many paths to health and everyone will find what works best for them. These are the things that we have found to be incredibly powerful in our healing journey.