MOB 103 – Oyster BBQ

When the boys get together delicious things result. Juices spurt from grilling oysters, Crowds gather to enjoy the fresh treat.

Mikko loves to throw shells in the ocean. Following his hero Archie he learns which is an oyster and which is an empty shell. The whole family gets a ride up the hill on Archie’s tractor.

Music: The Friday Side by Mujaji

This video is part of Kimberly Hartke’s Weekend Gourmet Blog Carnival.

Shan BBQ Sauce

Shan BBQ Sauce

This is an all around favorite sauce. It is especially great for grilled meat, mushrooms and vegetables, but is also very nice for samosas and fried snacks. makes 1-2 cups of sauce 3-4 pods tamarind, or tamarind pulp, soaked in boiling water and passed through a sieve 1/2 lime's juice 1 b ...