Backyard Edibles 2009 I

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This year got started late with a huge snowstorm and a very cold winter. The roses seem to have done well though, and the amazing backyard gardens of Vancouver BC are going full swing. I am constantly impressed by how many plants there are in some of these spaces. It is also interesting to see that different plants are being grown this year than the year before in most of the yards.

Backyard Edibles 2008 III

Backyard Edibles 2008 III

Not only are the gardens of Vancouver BC filled with an assortment of absolutely delicious edible fruits, vegetables and herbs but the micro-farmers are generous and friendly. This fig fresh off the tree was the most juicy I have ever had. Another happy old Chinese farmer gave me a couple of cho ...

Backyard Edibles 2008 II

Backyard Edibles 2008 II

Vancouver BC, has some of the most incredible backyard gardens in the world, and walking the alleys is one of the best ways to view these spectacular edible works of art. I am constantly amazed by how many beans and tomatoes can be grown on a patch of land or in pots, and it is fantastic to see b ...

Backyard Edibles 2008 I

Backyard Edibles 2008 I

The micro-farms of Vancouver BC are absolutely incredible. After traveling all over the world and being an avid walker I have seen urban backyards from New Zealand to Cambodia, New York to Papua New Guinea and can say that Vancouver BC takes the prize hands down, no questions asked. OK, I have n ...

My First Real Garden – I

My First Real Garden – I

I have lived in dorms, small rooms or apartments ever since boarding school and in the past ten years or so always have at least a few plants in pots. Living in the Catskills of New York was my first opportunity to have a real garden in my own plot of land, where I could do exactly what I wanted, ho ...