Matured Kefir with Orange and Cinnamon


Ripened Kefir with Orange and Cinnamon is an incredibly healthful tonic which is particularly good as a digestive aid and for folks with Type 2 Diabetes is ripened kefir with orange peels and cinnamon. The famous Dominic N. Anfiteatro of Dom’s Kefir site who has collected all kinds of information about kefir as well as coming up with all kinds of recipes and ways to prepare kefir as well as kefir grains is who developed the addition of orange peels and cinnamon to enhance the traditional technique of ripening (or aging) kefir making a particularly delicious microbiome-balancing drink. This recipe and information is re-posted here with permission from Dom, but I highly recommend that you visit his website and have a look at the wealth of information and resources he provides. He is also continuously updating his information.

This is a good place to start if you haven’t prepared milk kefir before. The first thing you need is milk kefir grains. These are not the same as what you can buy at a grocery store. See if you can get some from a friend or you can order them here. Dom has very helpful photos and instructions for preparing milk kefir here.

To make ripened kefir with orange peel and cinnamon bark it is quite simple:

After straining your kefir, pour the kefir liquid into a glass jar with a lid and add to it organic orange peels and cinnamon bark. Allow to ferment another 24 to 48 hours without refrigeration at 12°C to 22°C [53°F to 71°F]. The amounts you use of the kefir, orange peels and cinnamon bark are entirely up to your own taste buds.

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