Should We Trust Industrial Dairies?

A simple google search of industrial dairies around the world reveals all sorts of dairy industry abuses, some of the main ones being uncontrolled growth and monopoly, disrespect for animals, consumers and traditional farmers, unstable price fluctuations, disease, disgusting environmental conditions, unrealistic government subsidization, overproduction...

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Canada Raw Milk Farmer’s Call To Arms

“The centralisation of our food system is currently the greatest danger to the food security of our nation.”

Since I am on the topic of raw milk this week I have to post this very important statement from Michael Schmidt. It was presented at a news conference on the steps of the Alberta Legislature, November 8th, 2010, this declaration is a powerful call to arms to support the small farmer and bring back small farms, and a rejection to recognize officials who refuse to even enter into a discussion:

Agriculture has been the backbone of Canada. History has taught us that a healthy agriculture is able to feed all the people and therefore creates a healthy and socially stable environment.

At the turn of the last century 70% of our Canadian population was actively involved in farming.


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Mens Sana In Corpore Sano

A Healthy Mind in A Healthy Body

Quotes in this post are from Nutrition: A Holistic Approach by Rudolf Hauschka.


“We have made use of our thoughts to develop techniques which aim to build a civilization based on comfort. Those who notice how narrow and egotistical this self-serving use of thought is may also find, as they observe themselves, that their thinking has become shadowy and abstract; it can no longer lay hold on the reality of the cosmos. Such individuals may begin to wonder what would happen if they served thinking instead of making it serve them. What would be the result of making oneself a perceptive organ for the power of thought, of concentrating one’s whole being in the act of listening? One who practices this art will find himself able, with this selfless new thinking, to enter the realm of living metamorphosis, where thoughts grow and become expressions of the creative thinking of the cosmos. He comes into touch with objective reality, with essential being.” p 45


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Food Security – Canada

Libby DaviesFOOD FIGHT was the message we got in our mailboxes as an invitation from Libby Davies and NDP Agriculture Critic, MP Alex Atamanenko to attend the Food Security Forum on July 9th, 2009 at St. Patrick Parish Hall, 2881 Main Street, Vancouver BC.

I was very glad to go and hear about this issue, I recently got residency so I can finally let my roots down into this rich Canadian soil, and get involved in my new community.

Alex Atamanenko is on a Food Security Tour to hear concerns and to look into the gaps in Canada’s food systems, he will put together a proposal for a long-term food security strategy to deal with climate change, global energy insecurity and the world economic crisis. The sooner we see more systems for this being put into place the better we will all be and the more hope our children have. If you have anything you would like to add to this report please go to his website and submit your comments.



Mankind’s Old Friend Fenugreek

An interesting property of fenugreek is it's affinity for certain wild yeasts, which are beneficial to the digestive tract as well as being useful in the fermenting process of making traditional dosas or idlis, by attracting wild yeasts to the batter. Fenugreek is a great adaptogen.


Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture



You know that passionate feeling that wells up inside you? The sort of feeling of pride and hope and love and excitement and connection all melted and molten together? This is the feeling that has often been used by dictators by calling it patriotism and is a feeling I am generally wary of. I remember the last time I felt it so strongly. I was on the banks of a river in Oregon, it was summer and it was so beautiful. The feeling bubbled up from the earth, the flora and the river and I felt so amazed at the beauty. It was the first time that I felt really excited to be a part of this country and I thought about all the various landscapes and wished that we hadn’t covered much of them with monoculture crops.

At Slow Food Nation, the largest celebration of American food in history, a Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture was signed on 25 August, 2008 to help accelerate the transformation of the present industrialized agricultural system in the US.

Endorsed by academics, students, agricultural institutes, writers, farmers, filmmakers and chefs, the declaration emerged as the movement to establish better food and farming in the US gains continued strength and support from all sectors of society.


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Movie Review — GOOD FOOD

GOOD FOOD: Film by Moving Images

“I hope the film will help generate grass-roots solutions.”
-Producer Melissa Young

As the world breaks into rioting from hunger, Moving Images appears with the film, GOOD FOOD and puts the spotlight on the tip of a different kind of iceberg. Producers Melissa Young and Mark Dworkin bring the personal stories of a variety of local farmers, organizations and restaurants into direct communication with urban foodies. The film breaks apart the illusion, cast by corporate controlled media, that there is any benefit to the centralized, industrial food system. GOOD FOOD highlights the ingenuity, integrity and respect of the sustainable food movement in the Pacific Northwest.



Codex Alimentarius: Homegrow or Harmonize

The Great Harmonization This article was originally published in Far West Almanac July 2008. Crazier and wilder information continues to come to light charting the depths that greed and power can take. We hear about HAARP: the weather-control project in Alaska, about the Farm Bill 2008 which was finally passed after being vetoed by our 'President' yet still doesn't do…


The Heart of Maizeland

Article published in the Far West Almanac May 2008. Inspired by the book SELU: Seeking the Corn-Mother's Wisdom by Marilou Awiakta Ginitsi Selu (Grandmother Corn) Harmony, Respect, Community, Healing Lately when I find myself thinking about roots, it isn't long until I start thinking about corn. Edible corn originated in Central America, a gift of the creator in the form…