Canada Embarasses Itself With Reversal on Food Freedoms

I’m sure most of you have already heard this news: Ontario appeal court rules against raw milk dairy farmer Michael Schmidt in case anyone missed it I have reposted below. Not only has Canada now taken the lead in food fascism, but by reversing an earlier court’s decision nearly 100%, they have undermined their own legal system in the mind’s of their citizens.

Michael Schmidt has said he is willing to go to jail to protect and defend our right to put in our mouths what we choose to. I hope it never comes to that. If he was in jail, he would have to eat food made from genetically modified soy-beans and corn and would never get a drop of raw milk to provide him with enzymes and probiotics so he could actually digest such a meal. A stint in jail could damage your intestines so badly that it could take years of drinking raw milk and colostrum to recover. I for one find that prospect rather terrifying. We moved to Canada originally as we thought it was a progressive and forward-thinking country. It is rather shocking to find that it is actually doing it’s best to take the lead in shutting down the most basic human right — the ability to choose what you put in your own mouth. I am not impressed in the slightest. I still can’t believe that Vancouver really thinks it’s gonna be the world’s Greenest City in 2020 with such closed-minded, hard-liners running the show.

As Canada is rallying it’s forces to once and for all wipe out the ability of city dwellers like me to access raw milk, the US is in the early stages of their worst foodborne disease outbreak in over a decade. Officials have said that the outbreak is likely to claim more victims.