Love Your Self T-Shirts, Tank Tops and More

Dr. Masaru Emoto found that thoughts will change the structure of water, and the words love and thank you create the most beautiful crystals. Water is receptive to thoughts and vibrations, and humans are more than 70% water. Many scientists are confirming this discovery of the amazingly receptive powers of water. This research has been made into an incredible film Water: The Great Mystery. I highly recommend watching this documentary as it is guaranteed to revolutionise the way you think about yourself.

Our love yourself t-shirts, aprons, mugs, hats and more are a revolution in design. The writing is directed inwards toward your own body, not outward as a logo or promotion for other people. As a result they are more than just a t-shirt, they are therapeutic. By directly communicating with your subconscious they help you to fully appreciate and love your own body–effortlessly creating beautiful harmony within your own fluids similar to the crystal pictured here which is a combination of the intention of love and appreciation.

Direct love and gratitude towards your body all day long and all night too if you like! Wearing these clothes is transformational and healing. Visit our Love Yourself Store to customize your t-shirt and for more options with the color of the lettering. These make great gifts for young and old alike.

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