Handmade Aprons Featuring World Fabrics

I started making these aprons because I have a couple of very wonderful mothers, both my own and my mother-in-law, who are always providing me with a steady stream of material that are indigenous, handwoven or from some far away land with beautiful original designs. Some of these lovely materials are either hand-picked out of various thrift stores around the country, or come from people who my mother has met or taught who give her their tribal cloth in return.

The aprons come in various sizes. The adult size will fit anyone and are adjustable. The kids aprons are in two sizes, for 2-3 years and for 4-7 years old. For any men who might be wondering what to get their lady for a gift–these aprons will delight her as well as you, as they can be used as sexy lingerie, in the garden or just as part of her attire.

Please click on the photo to buy the apron. The link will take you to the Hella Delightful ArtFire store. Hella Delicious does little advertising and therefore really appreciates your support.





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  1. Sally Moore

    I love your aprons can you please help me my friend and I are looking for a receipe for NAAN bread which is an Indian bread Thanks again for your interesting articles

    1. hellaD

      Thanks so much for all your comments as usual! I will keep my eyes peeled for a Naan Recipe for you. I haven’t really that much experience with cooking Indian food although I sure love eating it!

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