Traditional Dill Pickle Recipe Card

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I posted this recipe on the instructables web site and people just love it. I love it too, it is so easy and absolutely delicious. Easy to make with fresh dill, cucumbers, salt and spices. This recipe card makes a great gift as it comes with a method to make a very healthy addition to your diet. These pickles are great for digestion.

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  1. Cathy

    Put up 4 jars with this recipe this past weekend with the Kirby cucumbers I grow in my yard. Question is, “if I don’t use them after the 6 wks of fermentation, how long will they keep?” I would like to have them around through the winter. Is that possible? Thanks…

    1. hellaD

      Hey Cathy,
      To be honest I can’t tell you how long they will keep, I always eat mine up pretty quickly, but I would say at least 3 months. It is best to keep them in a cool place.

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