Hella Delicious 2011 Calendar

For a short time only–until November 3rd Hella Delicious customers can get a 30% discount on all three Hella Delicious 2011 Calendars by using the code 2011CALENDAR. Just follow the links to your favorite calendar and order it, but be sure to put that code in when checking out. We have three calendars this year: Hella Delicious Food, Bugs on Blossoms, and Mushrooms.

The first calendar, the Hella Delicious Food Calendar shows gorgeous photos of the food made from our local farmers market at Trout Lake. Most of the recipes shown in the calendar I haven’t gotten around to posting yet on the website and I will be putting those up over the next couple weeks. Sorry for getting so behind in posting the recipes. This last year, what with going on the GAPS diet–which is grain-free and refined foods-free–I have regained my excitement of working with food. I have some great recipes coming, but please keep in mind that I am trying to encourage your natural cooking instincts with my recipes, therefore the amounts are flexible. Also my oven cooks at it’s own temperature so if you have any trouble try turning the oven down and let me know, I have an oven thermometer now so that I can be more accurate with the cooking temperatures.

The second calendar is images of my favorite bugs on blossoms. Insects and flowers are such a beautiful and powerful image of the synchronicity and diversity that nature loves so much. The pure ecstasy of bee in blossom, makes this calendar a great way to brighten up your home throughout the year.

The third calendar is mushrooms, there are so many kinds of mushrooms. In our modern world the craze of ‘sanitation’ by poisonous chemical is not a good solution–we need to get to know and understand these amazing creatures, as they live inside as well as all around us. The better we get to know them the more we get to know about ourselves. Micro-organisms form beautiful synchronicity with animals and plants of every type. By the way the mushrooms pictured in this calendar are not edible.

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