HD 210 – Wild ‘n Raw Blackberry-Cardamom Ice Cream

Recipe for Wild ‘n Raw Blackberry-Cardamom Ice Cream. Make this recipe with yogurt for a probiotic-rich delight!

About four years ago we started a video project called Mouth of Babes. The show features Ruthie, a pregnant mama and her 2 year old son Mikko, cooking nutrient dense foods, following the guidelines of Dr. Weston A. Price. We still have a few more episodes to edit. This video is the latest, and features then unborn baby Amaia, as a healthy vibrant 1 year old (or so), brambling for berries with her brother and making and eating fresh ice-cream.

There are a couple notes in this video (*) the first is to be sure when making raw foods to only use food that you know where it comes from. The honey, egg yolks, cream and berries in our recipe are all from people we know via the local farmers market and other local food communities. And of course we picked the berries ourselves. Who doesn’t love brambling right?

The other note is that the ratio amount of cream to milk for the raw dairy is up to you. Many recipes go with 1-2 c milk and 6-7 c cream, but it also depends on how much volume your ice-cream maker holds.

One of the things making this recipe reminds me of is many years ago when I helped out with feeding baby seals orphaned on the coast near San Francisco. We went in the middle of the night and were blending up huge batches of cream, butter, eggs, anchovies and I can’t remember what else for about an hour, then the experienced volunteers went into the cages with buckets of this stuff to feed the seals. Growing kids and pregnant mamas need plenty of fat, enzymes and protein and this homemade ice cream is a great way to get it.

We were editing this episode in August for the brambling season, unfortunately my mother-in-law unexpectedly died and we didn’t get it finished until recently. Around the same time my mother’s pancreatic cancer returned and I have been spending a lot of time helping her with diet and whatever I can.

More on the nourishing properties of blackberries.

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