LRRS 102 – Snow Snake Attack

Little Red Rubbing Scarf returns to face a new threat to mankind–a diabolical plumbing snake transformed by US Army experiments crashes a satellite in the mountains and plots world domination.

I showed this video to my nephew when he was about 4. I didn’t think it would scare him as he was sitting in my lap. But he was very confused in the end and kept thinking I had been gotten by a snake. I kept pointing out to him that I was standing right there in front of him as happy and healthy as could be.

Anyway, just a warning, I guess the GMO monsters in this series are incredibly scary.

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  1. Peggy

    This is completely hilarious…lOve the icy throne!I hope I can sleep tonight…what with all the lost boa constrictor pets..(.how do you lose your 50 lb snake?)… now making their way through the municipal sewer system and saying “hello” to far away neighbours…sitting on their heated thrones. squeeze me …yikes..
    The Boonville Milkman video doesn’t seem to be available.sounded intriguing

    1. hellaD

      Thanks Peggy!
      I’ll see what has happened with Boonville Milkman, it is so hilarious, you’d love it 🙂

  2. spec macquayde

    hey checked out the “snow snake” video. Enjoyed. Have a video in similar vein produced by a bunch of unemployed peasants in northern California: “Boonville milkman.” when we started the video I was maintaining a small cow share program, supplying raw milk. Look this up on YouTube. Rock on.

    1. hellaD

      Thanks so much for your comment on my video, I will have to check out your video too. Sounds like fun. What happened with your cowshare?

      1. spec macquayde

        well it’s a long story. My ex started it in Northern Cal about four years ago because she was worried about our kids’ teeth, and she read the Nourishing Traditions stuff. We split up two years ago. I kept milking, but was renting the land and barn, and the guy who owned the place was sort of a vegan who had problems with me butchering and milking. So I sold the cows to a commune and moved back to southern Indiana where I’m working with conventional produce growers right now, hoping to get an organic thing going. You can read all about it under Farm to Farm in

        1. hellaD

          I will check that out. Sounds like just the sort of projects everyone should be doing right now. Hope your kids teeth are great! PS I posted your
          Boonville Milkman video here and folks love it, it is just too funny. I love the ending…

  3. Steve Vandever

    I was frightened but couldn’t look away. Brilliant story!

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