MOB 105 – Liver Paté

This episode was the first one that we filmed for Mouth of Babes and one of our favorite recipes. A big thanks to FoxFire Farms for supplying the rich and nourishing organic grass-fed lamb liver. I love their slogan, ‘meat you can trust.’ There is definitely a completely different energy cooking with meat that you know hasn’t been abused all its short life in a factory farm.

The full recipe can be found here, I highly recommend getting creative with spices and finding what combinations are the right tongue tantilizers for you. I quite like ground cardamom, sumac and tarragon….

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  1. Carol G.

    I have been wanting to make liver pâté and this video sure takes the mystery out of it. What kind of liver do you find makes the best tasting pâté? Thanks! Oh, I just love the look on your very cute little boys face when he hit the button on the food processor. He really is a good helper-outer!

    1. zzzeroX

      Thanks so much Carol! I like chicken or beef liver the best.

  2. Carla

    Love this! We make ours with mushrooms, also.

    1. hellaD

      Nice! That is a great idea!

  3. andrew

    awesome video! really enjoyed this one.

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