MOB 104 – Making Kombucha

In the latest addition of Mouth of Babes we learn how to make kombucha, the powerfully detoxing home-brew. It is a good idea to start drinking kombucha before you actually get pregnant. If you are planning to get pregnant, drink it for at least six months before conceiving to help clean your tissues and prepare your body for a good healthy pregnancy.

If you are just starting to drink kombucha during pregnancy, I think it is the best idea to only drink very small amounts (1/4 c or less) at a time as you may find that it is such a powerful detoxing agent that you get ‘die off’ or the herxhiemer reaction. If you do, ease off for a few days.

As you can see in this video kids love kombucha too! It is a little bit fizzy and a good substitute for harmful soft-drinks like coke.

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  1. Jodi

    Can you use something other than the sugar as a substitute as I’m trying to stay away from sugar.

    1. hellaD

      Yes you can use honey as I did in this recipe, but also the sugar all gets converted during the fermentation process. We also don’t use sugar in other parts of our diet.

  2. tayberry

    Just made my first batch , thanks to you and it is delicious! I am so happy to be making my own now! Thank you for the video and instructions. Also, the kefir is fermenting well too. ;)

    1. hellaD

      So nice to get comments like this! Makes me so happy to know that someone else is having fun getting to know the micro-organisms of our world, homebrew rocks! I have water kefir now too if anyone is interested :)

  3. Liberty

    Great!! I don’t like to keep mine isolated…mine just like the counter -top, that way the SCoby’s don’t get lonely as they are bust kombucha-ing!
    I’ve given several away and found you from Dr. LAura’s link today –

  4. lisa

    After your kombucha has fermented/brewed for 7 to 10 days and after you have bottled it, do you let it sit out for another five days? thanks!

    1. hellaD

      Hi Lisa, I am sorry for the last reply. I usually just put it in the fridge after bottling it unless I decide to double ferment is using some grape or apple juice, then I add about an inch to the litre bottles I use and top up with kombucha and let it sit out for a couple days…

  5. heidi

    i would really, really love to come adopt a kombucha baby! i live in downtown vancouver. would this be possible?
    thank you,

  6. Ruth Martinez

    Awesome!! Such a great video we love it! Yum Kombucha is so delicious, we’ll have to make some more tomorrow!!! Great job you guys I can’t believe how little Mikko was =)

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