HD 203 – Maple Rose Kefir

Maple syrup and rosewater add a new dimension to kefir, which is a very affordable, easy, practical and tasty method to ensure you get your daily dose of probiotics to keep your intestinal garden (and as a result your immune system and practically everything else including emotions) in prime condition. I recently have been reading a book about the Abkhasians who live in the Caucasus and easily live to be 120 or more. Most of them didn’t marry and have children until their 40s or even 50s! They had an all around healthy lifestyle, which included matzoni, which is also a fermented dairy product.

As you can see in the video, simply strain the kefir grains out and add milk every 24 hours or so (you can vary the time depending on whether you like it more or less sour, or depending on the temperature of the spot you keep it in). I got my kefir grains from my sister, who got it from a friend, the grains keep growing and soon you will have enough to pass onto a friend as well. They are also available online. If you are in Vancouver you can have some of mine :-).

This video was actually filmed last year, before I got a hair analysis showing high levels of pesticides in my body — I have stopped using industrially farmed dairy! It was also before we began the GAPS diet so I used maple syrup — now we substitute honey. By the way I am a bit fan of maple syrup, in fact when we lived in Neversink, NY we made a video of traditionally evaporated maple syrup in exchange for some big jugs of dark maple syrup! I actually did the master cleanse fast with some of that syrup that year.

Another way to make kefir that is absolutely fantastic and even easier than the method shown here is to add a couple pinches of salt and a dash or two of ground cumin. So yummy! Cumin is helpful for digestion as well.



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    That’s a great idea for making kefir even tastier. I love putting in some maple syrup or a little bit of raw honey is good too. Mmm mm good.

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