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Deep and Creamy: Pomegranate, Coconut Water and Cherry Reduction


This amazing, deep, rich sauce takes a while to make but is well worth the wait.Coconut water, pomegranate juice, stock and red wine are reduced to about a third of original volume. Cream and dried cherries are added and the sauce is reduced further. This is a delicious sauce for goose, turkey or chicken and is a great substitute for gravy for guests who are gluten-intollerant or are on grain-free or paleo diets.

If making for a goose or turkey remove the neck and giblets from the bird and saute to sear. Add 1/2 c stock to deglaze. In a heavy-bottomed sauce pan heat the pomegrante juice, coconut water, red wine and stock. Turn down the heat and allow the fluids to reduce to about 1/3 of the original fluid volume.

Add in the cherries and cream and allow to reduce by 1/2. Add salt and pepper to taste and serve. Be sure not to try to reduce too fast after adding the cream as the sauce could break. When reheating the sauce, do so slowly.